Dayton, NV Economic Growth

Dayton, NV is experiencing unbelievable growth. We have seen over the years rural Nevada take wings and totally run in their expansion. Reno a decade ago, beat all records. Now Las Vegas is number one growing DMA in the country. Also we saw Carson City with high rankings for years. As well as South Lake Tahoe. We have recently seen Spanish Springs over the hill from Sparks, NV grow to nearly 20,000 people, it was simply a valley over the hill before. Now out of the blue is incredible growth in Dayton, NV. Ten Thousand new homes going in and old downtown renovation, rivaling that of the Queen Creek area of Phoenix.Dayton has some Old West type history, which is extremely interesting, but nothing in its past will begin to compare to the next growth spurt coming soon.[]and it just keeps going. Three new projects just completed in Fernley is also growing in an unlikely area and many are commuting into Reno. Anytime we have numbers like 19% or more growth we are talking a huge expansion;[] .33% growth in a decade is what they are believing to be the best estimate. This growth rivals another area in Arizona; Queen Creek. The reason we compare Queen Creek in AZ with Dayton is the draw of an old town and Golf Course (Trillium in AZ) and Dayton Valley Golf Course there in Dayton, NV. This study from the University of Nevada tells of the future economic growth.…3qtr2002_03.pdf .Look at what else is available? Yerington, Fernley, Top Gun HQ Fallon. Gardnerville and Minden are practically built out, but their borders can expand and have been constantly for years. Expect more people to leave California and move into the area because it is business friendly, less regulations and smarter government. Even with the tax increases in NV, it is ten fold better than CA. CA has made some big mistakes and many communities in Northwest NV are getting the mass exodus.

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